Save your favorite places without even unlocking the phone:

  1. Clean and simple UI
  2. Saving a place made so easy — just shake your phone and you are all set
  3. Back up your places on Google’s cloud.

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One tap to tag your current location

Three taps to take a picture and tag your location

Shake the phone to tag your current location


2 responses to “TapTag

  • rho


    very nice! is, what i searched for since i am upgraded my htc phone to alternative rom. Its a perfct replacement to htc footprint. But, how i can import my locations from footprint or others … A jpeg with geodata should be importable too.

    At the moment thanks for the nice app

    • dreamerbros

      Hi rho,

      Thanks for your feedback, and we are delighted that you find TapTag useful. Does the HTC footprint have an “export” or “backup” function? If so, would you mind sending us some sample exported data so that we could investigate if it’s possible to write an import function.

      The two brothers at Dreamer Bros.

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